CSM - Crack Smoking Monkeys
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seven Name: seVen Age:
Nickname: seVen Location:

blank Name: blank Age: 21
Nickname: blank Location: Seattle, WA

AiY Name: Chris Age: 30
Nickname: AiY Location: Dorchester, Ontario

maik Name: Maik Age: 33
Nickname: Peace Location: Seattle

sarpedon Name: Matt Age:
Nickname: Sarpedon Location: WA

Eric Name: Eric Age: 30
Nickname: Pants Location: East Sider :-)

Talliarthe Name: Talliarthe Age: 28
Nickname: Talliarthe Location: Puget Sound Area

chaz Name: Charles Age: 99
Nickname: chaz Location: Vancouver, Canada

pr00f Name: pr00f Age: 23
Nickname: pr00f Location: Dallas, TX

drfreedom Name: matt Age: 31
Nickname: drfreedom Location: portland

dubya Name: Mike Age: 34
Nickname: Dubya Location: On the Shitter

LeRoy Name: Leroy Age:
Nickname: Leroy the Dog Location:

slacker Name: Greg Almgren Age: 36
Nickname: Slacker Location: Washington

indiana_red Name: Ken Bates Age: 40
Nickname: Indiana_Red Location: Boise, ID

andre Name: Andre Bjorkheim Age: 31
Nickname: Fear the Mullet Location: Kirkland

Mr. Wang Name: Ben Crane Age: 24
Nickname: Mr. Wang Location: Bellevue, WA

Wingnut Name: Dave Dealster Age: >
Nickname: Wingnut Location: down there

waveman Name: Tim Ebling Age: 32
Nickname: Waveman Location: Seattle, WA

Toad Name: Zach Eubank Age: 31
Nickname: Toad Location: San Diego, CA and points West

james Name: James Gurney Age: 35
Nickname: Location: Seattle, WA

brookula Name: Brook Hatch Age: 35
Nickname: brookula Location: Seattle, WA

djslowdive Name: Eric Johnson Age: 30
Nickname: tinderbox/sioux/djslowdive Location: seattle

singlebarrel Name: Christopher Kent Age: 28
Nickname: SingleBarrel Location: Aloha, OR

dlafever Name: Dennis L Age: 39
Nickname: Propwash Location: Aridzona

Sledge Name: Mike Lind Age: 46
Nickname: Sledge Location: Seattle, WA

revelate Name: Dane Martin Age: 27
Nickname: Revelate Location: Kirkland, WA

sql Name: Stan McNaughton Age: 40
Nickname: sql Location: Puyallup, Wa (Where does he live?)

yummypork Name: Ethel Merman Age: 40
Nickname: YummyPork Location: Seattle

Robin Name: Robin Morrison Age: 29
Nickname: Trashcan Man Location: Lethbridge

bobbo Name: Robert Ruppert Age: 34
Nickname: BOBBO Location: Lake Forest, CA

steven Name: steven shults Age: 39
Nickname: Gen. Protection Fault Location: Seattle

tim Name: Tim Smith Age: 40
Nickname: Timmeh Location: Wildomar Ca.

spleen Name: Sean Sonn Age: 37
Nickname: Spleen Location: Seattle, Wa

Glide Name: Greg Sonnabend Age: 50
Nickname: Glide Location: Anchorage, Alaska

klonopin Name: Jeremy Taylor Age: 35
Nickname: Klonopin Location: Medford, Oregon

Andrew Name: Andrew Thurber Age: 35
Nickname: Andrew Location: Seattle

Brando Name: Brandon van Dijk Age: 37
Nickname: gimp Location: Fullerton, CA

Infrared Name: Erik Z Age: 41
Nickname: Infrared Location: Dorchester, Ontario