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General review of rules and some tips... - Jan 6 8:49 AM [link]
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General review of the rules:

1) No spawn camping uncappable flags. This holds especially true if your team does not already have all the other flags. You will be kicked on sight for this. Camping on No Fly Zone is acceptable, considering each flag has objectives.
Remotely attacking uncappables is also against the rules. An example of this is with scuds and artillery.

2) Do not go AFK for more than 5 minutes. This takes up valuable slots that are in high demand (as most of you know) and isn't fair to the next guy waiting to join. On top of that, it makes the teams uneven, as you are not actively helping your team, and might as well not even be connected. We will kick you for this. We have kicked quite a few people for this offense, and it happens daily. It isn't cool.

3) Act reasonable. Simple enough, isn't it? Please don't lower the quality of the game for fellow players. Racism and bigotry aren't acceptable - please leave such thoughts to yourself (this generally hasn't been a problem). All [CSM] members are admins. Mouthing off to an admin is probably not in your best interest.


General tips for better gaming:

1) Increase your loading times and decrease on the 'lag' you may experience. There are two ways of doing this. First, be sure to defrag your hard drive. Second, decrease your texture quality percentage inside battlefield. Textures are what use up a majority of your memory, and are loaded with each map. Reducing the quality will help you load faster and also help eliminate any 'bungee' effect you may be experiencing.

2) Head over to the brand spankin' new map voting booth (thanks James!) to let us know what your favorite and least favorite maps are. The results will be used to help compile a new map cycle. Additionally, this is a never-ending poll. If at any point your favorite maps change, go ahead and vote again to change your submission.


Lastly, we have implemented a new deathcam mode. Now, instead of being able to cruise around the map freely after you die, you will be locked on to your corpse. This was done to raise the bar on competition, and add a little more challenge. At times admins may temporarily enable the freecam so they can find out who campers are, and for other admin functions.

If you have any thoughts or comments and haven't registered yet, head over to the forum and get yourself registered. It's pretty quick and painless.

Happy fragging!
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wingnut: Thanks Shaun, best news I've seen in awhile! And by all means visitors should join us in the forums for some lively discusssion. Your forum feedback really does help.

andre: Well said Blank! I would add that I have been known to ban people for repeat "idle" offenses. I have really started to crack down on idlers because it has become such a problem. I suggest we all do the same...

wingnut: One more thing, please be sensible and don't abuse the camping privilege in NFZ2. There is a limit to how many times in a row you can easily pick off an admin as he is spawining. ;-)

Topdog: sigh....

andre: I thought we've been over this enough already? Why is it spawn camping in NFZ2 and not in Weapons Bunker? There is an objective at the flag, so let people do what they want. I mean, on WB, who drives in to destroy the bunkers without shooting at anyone? Also, Dave, with the amount of sniping you do on WB I am suprised you still think that there is camping in NFZ2 when in WB you do exactly the same thing to everyone else. =)

grim: this is what happens when maps have objectives more complicated than 'capture the flags + hold them'

andre: Actually, its not that complicated. =)