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Desert Combat .6f is OUT! - Dec 20 10:48 AM [link]
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The new additions look sweet. Here is a small list.

** 0.6 REQUIRES Battlefield 1942 version 1.5 or greater
** 0.6 REQUIRES DesertCombat 0.5L

* When you see a star, that means it's new to 0.6

Stryker Personel Carrier (Smoke grenades, .50Cal, Troop transport) *

AH-6 (Miniguns and FFARs) *
MH-6 (Transport) *
OH-6 (Miniguns only) *


Nimitz Class Aircraft Carrier *

Hand Weapons
SA-7 Anti Air rocket *


EE-9 *

Gazelle Helicopter *

SA-342S: (Gazelle Helicopter) Supply depot; weapons and health *
SA-342G: Two gun pods (currently fires minigun projectile) *
SA-342H: 2 FFAR Pods (14 FFARs total) and 2 AT-2 (same as Hind, 2 mags) *
SA-342L: 4 FFAR Pods (28 FFARs total; fires two FFARs at a time, slower rate of fire) *
SA-342M: 4 AT-2 missiles (2 mags) *

MD-500 *
MH-500 *

Hand Weapons
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grim: does nobody read the forums anymore?

andre: I like pictures. =)

wingnut: I just hope the Linux server works as advertised. I want my Nimitz!

grim: the linux server update will come with 1.6, i'm pretty sure naval maps are still crippling server performance in the current build.

Topdog: werd up
I wish all games upgraded over time so they are fun forever!

Topdog: Hey! Its not in the 'special' place!

Slacker: I don't have access to put a file so big up in the special place. Only James has that.

James: Er, the Linux server update has nothing to do with 1.6 Bryan, I'm not sure what you're talking about. I'm downloading it right now and will try and get the client files mirrored for everyone before I upgrade the server.

Slacker: Kewl! Thanks James. I tried to download it before I went and saw LOTR, but my connection failed after 15 minutes.

James: Ok, 0.6 patch file now mirrored in the CSM download area. It's only about 60MB, since it's incremental. If you don't already have 0.5, you'll have to download that first.

James: Server is now upgraded to 0.6 - new maps are in rotation, we'll see how they perform. I don't have the patch downloaded yet, so if someone can login and confirm it's working, that would rock.

James: Ok, that patch is broken. Hold while I'm finding the right file.

James: Right. Fixed patch (hopefully) now in the download area. 250MB this time.

grim: there's a glitch on operation bragg, the iraqi nocap spawn will disappear for up to a minute at random.

James: As discussed on IRC, this may be intentional.. There's a map in EOD which does the same thing if an enemy is nearby. They can't cap the flag, but they can stop enemies spawning there.