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BF1942 1.5 Patch Released. - Oct 30 1:38 PM [link]
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That's right soldiers, the latest official patch is upon us at last. This new patch addresses many problems including the CD swapping and the MG Destroyer lag problem. This patch also comes with the new Official map, Invasion of the Philippines. This new maps adds new vehicles, weapons and mayhem! Don't delay, go grab this file now!

1.5 Patch Info

Get the Incremental 1.45 - 1.5 patch or the full 1.5 patch.

Server is not updated yet. We'll letcha know when it's ready.
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grim: tested it on my machine with eod/dc, and even loaded up the new map, works flawlessly :)

Topdog: That's what I was about to ask.

wingnut: OK Grim, but which did you use? The full install or the incremental patch? Good Job!

James: FYI, I'm going to wait a day or two before upgrading the servers to make sure there are no reported problems. Although if I hear confirmation that everything is good, I might upgrade earlier than that.. I'll keep you all posted.

James: Patches are now available for download in the members area, although the EA ftp site seems to be pretty damn fast as well.. Take your pick.. (I personally tend to use the incremental patch since it's a much smaller download)

grim: wingnut: full patch
James: true, but it has caused massive problems in the past (corrupting installs)

wingnut: FYI- If you patch you can't play on CSM till we upgrade server also.

indiana_red: Last night (10/29)I thought I saw chat from EM Old Guy that he patched up and could still connect. Care to confirm or deny? Wingnut?

wingnut: According to the post in forum, this is what EM Old Guy said "I can no longer connect to CSM server" after he ran BF 1.5 patch. Also very few servers the first day, give it some time in my opinion. Better safe than sorry after the last boondoggle patch, your patience will be rewarded ;-)