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Our new server! - Apr 28 11:10 AM [link]
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The parts for our server, affectionately known as 'Fez' arrived last week, and I spent the past couple of days building it out. For your amusement, here are some photos of the machine:

Firstly, the case, which is an Antec Plus 660AMG. It's a very well constructed case, with 4x80mm fan positions. Two in the front, one in the side, and another at the back.

Inside, you can see the MSI K7N2G motherboard, which features the nForce 2 chipset. We also have 1GB of Corsair DDR ram plugged into the DIMM slots. We also have an Adaptec 2940 U2W interface, and 2 9GB UW-SCSI drives. They usually get pretty warm, but with the additional fan in front of the drive bay, they should stay reasonably cool.

Finally, the cpu. We're fitted with an Athlon XP 2600+ (with the 333MHz FSB) running at 2.08GHz. In order to make sure it stays as cool as possible, the heatsink is a Vantec Aeroflow with a copper core.

The OS is Slackware 9 and is fully installed and ready to go. With a bit of luck, we'll have the server live and running in the not too distant future. At the moment, the main drawback is that the Linux version of the BF server currently has some fairly major problems. However, DICE is on the case and with the 1.4 release, most of these should be going away.
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slacker: ROCKIN' :)
You the man... Let me know what I can do to help...

Infrared: Slackware 9 *pfft* Gentoo :) j/k

Sorry... had to say it...

spleen: Pretty! Very very pretty! And shiny! I like shiny.

grim: l33tness :)

bobbo: SWEET!!