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New Maps for Desert Combat - Apr 19 9:29 PM [link]
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Operation Razor can be downloaded here. Screenshots of the map can be seen here,
here and here.

Inshallah Valley can be downloaded here, looks damn sweet. Two screenshots available: 1, 2.

Blitz Creek isn't exactly a complicated map to play, rather it is just meant for quick skirmishes. Images here: 1, 2.

Dune Mesiah, no its not a spelling mistake, is a very visual map, as you can see from these screens: 1, 2, 3, 4.

Iraqi Dam is quite spaced out, but is fun to play. Screenshots: 1, 2.

Downtown Baghdad hasn't been released yet, but there are some very impressive screenshots: 1, 2, 3. Thats all for now, over and out.

quick update: i've added Air Gazala to the downloads, as i find it to be a fun map, it adds planes to every spawnpoint on the map, and about 12-14 planes + heli's to the main bases :) quite fun.
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blank: Nice post, Grim. Thanks for all the info/screens.