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Desert Combat screenshots - Apr 12 7:36 PM [link]
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Testing the new ability for folks to upload images for use in news postings. I took a few screenshots of Desert combat:

Here, here, here and here.
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grim: Speaking of DC, does anyone else here have a joystick? I've been working on my heli transport skills, but its still a risky ride for my passengers. Hopefully i'll be able to chopper, properly, soon :)

james: I need to get one actually. I haven't used a joystick since my Amiga days (a good 10 years ago).

blank: I've got a joystick, but I have yet to use it. I'll let you know how it works once I get off my lazy ass and try it out..

suicide: There is no better way to fly than with a Joystick. I went out and bought one, MS Precision 2, $35 (pricewatch.com). Well worth it.

blank: Yup... nothing like a joystick to kick some ass with