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Server downtime - Feb 27 12:14 PM [link]
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The server will be down this afternoon from about 4pm to maybe 6pm at the latest. Hopefully no more than that. This is to transfer the system into a rackmount case which should help resolve our heat issues. Everything will be down - website, forums, DC server, EOD server. Once the server is up in the rack, I'll post photos, hopefully :)
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wingnut: Thanks for the warning, lucky me I have appointments then. Ahhh fresh air!

grim: so what happens to the current case?

spleen: Dude! It's part of the auction!

James: Yep, it is indeed part of the auction. Once we buy the replacement mobo etc. I'll place it all back in the case for the winner.

Topdog: So the server gets hot when ever I get on. :)

andre: NO, thats ME that gets hot when you are one. =)

grim: yay, it's back up.

Robin: TS is down though...but the server hasn't crashed since the switch that I've noticed.

andre: no TS =( My link to the outside world is gone....

andre: YAY! TS should be up in bout half hour from now, ~ 7:45pm PST

Robin: Or not...

andre: Yeah, wondering what happened. Let me call him again.. .as much as I hate to bother him.

James: TS is back.. sorry for the delay..