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Help upgrade the server! - Feb 24 12:44 AM [link]
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We're putting together a fund to help upgrade the game server. This should hopefully enable us to run a larger DC server and/or a larger EOD server (or a second DC server, or some other mod that takes our fancy). I've set up an Amazon donation box thing where you can go and donate.

Please don't feel obligated to donate - we provide this server free of charge and do not expect anyone to contribute anything apart from their good manners on the server. If you want to donate though, go right ahead..

Thanks in advance!

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grim: score! hopefully the public gives something back eh? :)

indiana_red: Wow, even a little direct marketing on the link there. Scary. I'm down for some $$

Robin: James, I'll be PMing you later with some details seeing as I'm somehwhat lacking in a Debit/Credit Card.

seven: So when can we start the auction? If I don't win the auction I'll donate. =)

Topdog: What sorts of parts are we thinking about? Maybe I can just donate those.

James: See the discussion in this thread (sorry, this won't be a hyperlink):


Nothing has been decided yet, but we're going to be looking at top of the line, whatever it is..