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New monkeys! - Feb 21 1:32 PM [link]
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Continuing our ever thirsting desire to take over the universe, we're proud to announce the arrival of some new CSM members. Please give a warm welcome to.. "These Aren't my Pants", "Pop N Flush" (aka, dozens of other names), Malachai, and Talliarthe.. Woohoo!
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blank: Welcome to the Jungle.
Have a nice stay. Don't forget to wipe your feet and we won't have a problem.

seven: Don't drool on the server either you monkeys!

spleen: w00t! wanna do a welcome to the newbies!

chaz: uhh... thanks for the welcome guys, i'll try not to fcuk up :)

Robin: Welcome to the 'club' guys :)

Slacker: Welcome to CSM! w00t!

Eric: Thanks for the welcome.

wingnut: A toast to the Bros! More to battle, admin and party with! ;-) WhooAHH!

andre: I'll drink a beer for ya, or four beers... still working out those details. w00t!! Welcome!