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Eve of Destruction Version .3 release - Feb 20 11:20 AM [link]
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Prepare to ship out soldier! We have new orders to leave the lovely Irag desert for a lush tropical paradise in Vietnam. Get your gear here: http://www.eodmod.com
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James: I recommend the bittorrent download at Filerush (linked from the eodmod page). I'm using it right now and getting about 230K/s. For CSM members, you might as well wait until I've finished downloading - I'll place the file up on the download area where you can get it at top speed, no queues :)

James: EOD now available for download for CSM members. Enjoy!

andre: Guess I may hafta go back and try EoD again. Didn't much care for the early release stuff. Will give it another go.

grim: *wants more people to race sampans with him*

Robin: Thanks James :) That was fun last night before my connection started having Router Issues... :\

wingnut: After only one night I am really impressed with the new version, big thumbs up!