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DC 0.7 released. - Feb 6 9:41 PM [link]
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The Trauma guys have released DC 0.7. This patch is mostly just an optimization patch, so with a bit of luck, server cpu usage will go down, client cpu usage will go down, and we'll be able to bump max players up a bit. I'll start by increasing it to 36. If that goes ok, I'll bump it to 40, etc.

However, since the patch is enourmous (590MB) and there's a huge demand for it right now, I'm not going to upgrade the server until tomorrow, to give everyone a chance to download the patch. It's up on fileplanet, but there are other places you can get it too. Check out our forums for a few suggestions.

CSM members will shortly be able to download the update from the private download section. I'll add a comment to this item once it's up.
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grim: jesus. basrahs edge went from 10-15 fps to 30-40 with 60 percent texture quality. i'm gonna try tweaking my settings to see if i can at least manage a constant 25

James: File uploaded.. ready for leeching

James: Hm, we're currently pushing 8.8Mbps of traffic.. guess it's popular :)

James: 14.43 Mbps out.. yikes

Robin: LOL, well...down to 1.95Mbps now. Should be interesting to see this in play. See you guys around 6-6:30pm Mountain Time (7-7:30pm PST) for some DC 0.7 Action :p

James: Server now upgraded to 0.7..