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EoD is patched - Feb 2 10:10 PM [link]
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Shamelessly stolen from BF42.com:

Like many mods, the Eve of Destruction mod team have released a patch to make the mod compatitable with the new 1.6 patch for Battlefield 1942. Although this patch does not solve the scoreboard issue, it does make the mod playable for 1.6 users.

Download link below:

Download Mirrors - 0.98MB - 1.36MB
BF42.com (Installer)

BF42.com (Zip File)

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James: I guess I could start up the server again then.. dunno, kind of lost interest in EoD lately, and the fact that A) no-one uses the server and B) the 1.6 update broke it, seemed to suggest taking it down..

grim: i agree, i'd rather wait for eod 0.3 than play 0.2 without a scoreboard, on the same maps.

wingnut: Ditto here, nice to see both DC and EOD respond to bug. EOD is alive and well afterall.