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BF 1.6 RFeleased - Jan 30 11:15 AM [link]
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As of about 13:00 Eastern. Punkbuster support, here we come.
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wingnut: Saddle up boys! The posse is gonna ride tonight! (or when the server is updated, might be awhile so stay tuned here)

wingnut: Battlefield: 1942 v1.6 Patch (274MB, 01/30/04)
The latest full patch for all versions of the game.
Battlefield 1942 v1.5 to v1.6 Incremental Patch (149MB, 01/30/04)
The latest patch for all versions of the game. This will update your 1.5 install to 1.6. If you already have 1.5 installed, this is the only file you need.

grim: some dl mirrors available in forums

James: My flight leaves England at 6am PST. We should be home by about 2 or 3pm. I can update the server then.

spleen: Looks like EoD is broken with the 1.6 patch until 0.3 is released.

Indiana_Red: Did he get out in time? http://www.cnn.com/2004/WORLD/europe/01/31/ba.canceled/index.html

revelate: I'm pretty sure he was on a non-stop flight and the only cancellations were to Miami and Dulles.

James: I'm hoooooome! I'll try and upgrade the server this evening, but obviously I have lots to do. Might have to wait until tomorrow..

James: Oh, and another thing.. 1.6 is now mirrored in the private download area for CSM members..

wingnut: Thank you James, international man of intrigue. The green card must of come in handy heh? Best be grabbing that file now. See ya.