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  The clan

We are the Crack Smoking Monkeys! A motley collection of random computer geeks and friends based mostly in Seattle, WA and surrounding areas, who enjoy playing various FPS games online. We pretty much all met either online or in person whilst playing Counter-Strike on cs.llarian.net. We're not your average punk ass kid clan. We tend to have jobs, be able to express our opinions using polysyllabic words, have an IQ slightly higher than a grapefruit, that kind of thing.

These days, we're not playing any one game as a group. Some are still playing DC, several of us are playing Team Fortress 2, and others are playing poker (although not much). In our time we've played a number of games including CS, BF1942 and its mods (Desert Combat, EOD, PoE, and Forgotten Hope), BF2 and its mods (such as PoE 2), DEFCON, golf, Poker and really too many others to list.

If for some reason you've read all this and feel the urge to contact us, you should either post on the forum or drop an email to enquiries at cracksmokingmonkeys dot net. Due to the proliferation of email address harvesting spambots you'll have to use your wit and cunning to determine the real syntax of our email address. If you're unable to achieve this very simple action, we probably aren't interested in hearing from you anyway.

The website

The website layout was designed by Shaun "blank" Grady. The website back-end coding was written by James "Chemosabe" Gurney using PHP and MySQL. The site is hosted on a machine running Gentoo Linux using the Apache web server.

The server

The server (affectionately known as "fez") is a dual Opteron 244 with 2GB of OCZ ram, running on a Tyan Thunder K8W motherboard. The server is hosted at Semaphore corporation in Seattle. Semaphore has peering agreements with a variety of backbones adding up to large amounts of bandwidth (in the order of 3Gbps or so). The server is ultimately limited, however, by the 100Mbps network card. You can view server statistics on this page.